We are amongst the earliest boutique investment bank in India with our inception in early 1990s when foreign investment was just about getting liberalised and there were only a handful of private equity / strategic transactions taking place. We have been responsible for initial investments of early private equity investors and cross border strategic transactions since the era of globalisation set in and have continued to remain focussed on the PE and M&A space as our forte.

Last three decades have witnessed various business cycles, stock market scams, international currency and credit crisis, dotcom boom, banking failures in risk management, tech and business model disruptions.

We also excel in collaborating and leveraging synergies across a network of domestic and international relationships to supplement our team whenever the context demands.


Cipher, the numeric ‘Zero’ is critical in financial context and is India’s contribution to the world. Plexus, an elaborate and sophisticated network of 108 nerves that converge to form the crucial centre of the ‘Heart’ – a supreme creation of an ultimate viable system. Cipher Capital Advisors transitioned to Cipher-Plexus with integration of Plexus Capital Ventures in 2014.

Deep roots in Indian virtues and values, an enviable network of relationships and a strongly entrepreneurial approach set the foundation for Cipher-Plexus to make critical contribution in financial / strategic aspirations for its clients with an amazing speed and execution.

We look for mutual connect, trust and respect while selecting client relationships, and take delight in serving their best interests with integrity and courage.

Global Reach

We have a wide presence via our network of close associates across India & abroad. Our valuable cross- border relationships in US, Europe, Middle-East, South-East Asia and Japan help provide a wide global reach to our clients.