Cipher-Plexus is a vibrant mid-market Investment Bank headquartered in Mumbai, India and focussed on Private Equity Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory, Debt Advisory and Special Situations Funding.


Cipher-Plexus was formed with integration of Cipher Capital Advisors and Plexus Capital Ventures.


The insights from the 100 plus successful transactions consummated across sectors, sizes & stages and a rich experience of over two decades provides it with a significant edge to protect and serve the best interests of its clients.


Our Partners and the Team have been part of bulge-bracket investment banks, investment management firms, operating companies and entrepreneurial ventures. This diversity of experience, coupled with global relationships and a culture founded on virtues, further enhances our ability to deliver superior value.


The firm has presence in Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai and a network of close associates across India. Its valuable cross border relationships in Japan, Europe and the US help provide a wide global reach to its clients.


Vision, Execution and Business Acumen are integral to any commercial success. Our role is to assist the promoters and management in translating these into financial value.


We provide true & objective evaluation of the financial markets and landscape, relative position of the company & business and best possible options to help maximise value in the given context.


The work ethos that guides us through our commercial dealings and help build enduring long term partnerships are:

  • Focus on Goals, Service & Results
  • Being Creative, Positive & Entrepreneurial
  • Respect for Capital, Individuals and Society
  • Accountability in Thoughts, Action and Deeds
  • Inspiring Trust, Commitment & Collaboration

Cipher is the numeric ‘Zero’, India’s contribution to the world of mathematics and a critical number in financial context. Also, all material phenomena start from and finally end at Zero.

Plexus represents a supreme creation, widely acknowledged as the ultimate example of a viable system: a very elaborate and sophisticated network of 108 nerves referred to in the Indian scriptures as energy lines that converge to form the crucial centre of the ‘Heart’ that keeps the human nervous system vibrant.

With a network of enduring relationships that plays a critical role and an approach anchored in deeper financial insights & linkages, we strive to serve the best interests of each & every client.