The Indian consumer sector is riding the crest of an economic boom driven by an investment friendly climate as well as a young population with access to employment and business opportunities and in-turn easy disposable incomes. Such changing consumer preferences and lifestyles have turned several sub-sectors like food, retail, agriculture, education, etc., into attractive investment destinations.

Agriculture and allied sectors are considered to be the mainstay of the Indian economy owing to India’s sizable agrarian economy, which accounts for over thirty five percent of GDP and employs around sixty five percent of the population. The agriculture related sectors are now being re-paved with price improvements and renewed investments in technology. This effect is already lifting farm income, resulting in renewed investment in agriculture where it is expected that the big fillip will come from the private sector. We have considerable experience and expertise in this space and have been advisors to several consumption oriented companies in the past.

The team concentrates on the following sub-sectors:

Food, Beverages and Restaurants

Agri Inputs and Commodities


Specialty Retail

Home and Personal Care

Consumer Finance