India’s power market is the fifth largest in the world and one of the world’s most active markets in renewable energy. With high economic growth, the power market is expected to grow multi-fold over the next few decades; India added nearly fifty one percent of its installed power generation capacity in the XIth (FY08-FY12) Five Year Plan with the share of renewable energy doubling to twelve percent in the same period. These trends are expected to accelerate over the coming decades.

The water and solid waste management industry in India is driven by an urgent need to build new and upgrade the existing infrastructure. These sectors are high on India’s priority list and are driven by huge influx of funds, favorable policy environment and stringent regulatory requirements. By this largesse, businesses catering to environmental benefits such as water and waste water treatment, solid waste management, etc., have benefited considerably.

We have extensive domain knowledge and strong capabilities to assist companies in these sectors to raise equity, debt and structured finance both at company and at the project level and advice on M&A. We have a strong network of domestic and global relationships and access to specialized energy and environment funds, which could offer capital at attractive terms.

Renewable energy, especially wind and hydro, remains a key focus area for us in the energy sub-domain. We have become one of the leading investment banks focused on the water and solid waste management sector having closed the largest number of deals in this sector in India.