The manufacturing and engineering industry is one of the largest and key sectors in India and the fastest growing globally.

The manufacturing business in India is currently in the renaissance phase. Many Indian companies have adopted global practices and have shifted from labor intensive models to capital intensive technologies. The government on its part has made policy and regulatory changes to abet this growth.

The engineering sector is the largest, most diversified of industrial sectors in India, with a number of segments. It is less fragmented at the top, where it requires high competencies, as compared to the lower end, where it is highly fragmented and dominated by smaller players, for e.g. unbranded transformers for the retail segment.

The engineering sector in India has been growing on the back of growth in the user industries and several new projects being undertaken in various core industries such as railways, power, infrastructure, etc. Capacity creation in sectors such as infrastructure, oil & gas, power, mining, automobiles, auto components, steel, refinery, consumer durables, etc, is driving growth of the engineering industry.

We have witnessed and studied several market cycles and is testimonial to the growth impetus in this sector. This unique understanding positions the firm strongly to advice clients for growth and profitability.

The team concentrates on the following sub-sectors:

Construction Equipment

Automotive and Auto Ancillaries

Industrial Chemicals and Polymers

Defense Equipment

Capital Goods